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Hebei Handan construction hardware and formwork scaffold fair

Exhibition Date: 

June 26-28, 2024

Exhibition Venue: 

Yongnian International Fastener Exhibition Center,



Hebei Fastener Industry Association

Hebei Jinjiang exhibition planning Co., Ltd

Exhibition Profile:

1. Construction fasteners

Building bolts, nuts, t-wires, nuts, ceiling artifact and shooting screw series products, expansion bolts and chemical anchor bolts, anchoring agent series products, screw, screw nut series products, micro standard series products, drilling screw series products, etc.

2. Template class:

Aluminum formwork, wood formwork, bamboo plywood, plastic formwork, wood plastic formwork, fair faced formwork, new composite formwork, wall formwork system, new formwork support system, column formwork system, shaft formwork system, early dismantling system,etc.

3. Scaffolding:

Bowl type multifunctional scaffold, wheel type scaffold, door type scaffold, climbing scaffold, Bailey scaffold, attached lifting scaffold, mobile scaffold, trapezoidal scaffold, interior decoration scaffold, elevator, chrysanthemum buckle scaffold, steel grid, protruding hole type foot pedal, aluminum alloy scaffold, aluminum alloy scaffold, aluminum alloy ladder,and related accessories, etc.

4. All kinds of high-altitude construction technology platforms:

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